I push through limits and boundaries  

 with tremendous curiosity.  

Hi, I'm Jo

跨領域的設計狂熱者,對設計產出有高度堅持,相信自律與效率帶來自由。大學期間透過大量的國際設計工作營,參與的設計面向包括工藝、產品、平面視覺、互動媒體、建築空間、服裝、設計思考與應用方法。透過一次次的跨域實作累加以及跨文化團隊的衝擊,逐漸熟悉如何在高壓多變的環境下配合團隊成員的強項特性適時補強其不足之處,帶領團隊面對不同課題皆能在有限時間內產出高品質設計的系統與方法。2019 年加入 AppWorks School iOS Class,在四個月的扎實訓練後成為一名設計與技術能力兼具的 Designer + Developer,致力於成為實務上優秀的 Design Technologist。

I've been...

台灣數位產品設計內容社群 AAPD 的團隊成員之一,負責為團隊內部舉辦 Design Workshop、匯集團隊共識。2017年在AJA大予設計七個月的全職實習期間,從趨勢研究、用戶訪談、UX解法轉化、Branding策略提案、UI設計落實到最後的測試驗證,在各個專案之間走完沒有服務斷點的完整設計流程。參與過敏捷設計的團隊,在靈活小編制的團隊裡透過反覆驗證、快速迭代創造每個任務的最佳體驗;也是深入型研究案的成員,將用戶論點打散再聚合,匯集出紮實的insight;熟用眼動儀與任務流程進行產品測試;舉辦設計思考工作坊,根據階段目標嚴謹設計活動環節。2017年末繼續未完成的大學學業,2018年6月於實踐大學工業產品設計系畢業。


閒暇之餘喜歡在街頭漫遊做城市觀察的影像紀錄,用不同角度切入尋常場景。對語言學習抱有熱忱,英語流利,日語、法語學習中。曾學過手語,成為開發者後從 Swift 開始,希望練就寫得一把流利程式語言的能力。

Taipei, Taiwan

Yunlin, Taiwan

Hong Kong

Taipei, Taiwan

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo, Japan

Paris, France

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Paris, France

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Taipei, Taiwan


Designer-Developer, PicCollage (Cardinal Blue Software)

July 2019 -  |  Taipei, Taiwan

PicCollage has been downloaded by over 200 million people around the world. The app provides a canvas to bring photos and videos together with creative elements and templates that evokes the craft of handmade scrapbooking in a digital space.

  • User Researcher, Product Designer, and iOS Developer for new products

  • Developed and launched 1 product per month in company exploration

  • Collaborated with the scrum team to accomplish product features

  • Worked closely with product managers and designers to deliver great user experience to users

iOS Class Trainee, AppWorks School

February - June 2019  |  Taipei, Taiwan

Founded by AppWorks, providing the most practical, project-based training for those who determined to be an engineer.

  • Admitted out of 10% acceptance rate

  • Built and launched self-designed, developed personal project “LiverWell” in 5 weeks

  • Collaborated with Front-End, Backend and Android developers to accomplish project as a team

  • Invested more than 75 hours per week during the intense self-learning program

Design Workshop Facilitator, AAPD (As a Product Designer)

August - November 2018  |  Taipei, Taiwan

Reputable content sharing community for digital product designers in Taiwan and Mandarin readers worldwide.

  • Initiated various remote workshops for AAPD team, including branding and product strategy

Research/Design Assistant, AJA Creative

March 2017 - October 2017  |  Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan's leading digital design agency and consultancy specialized in end to end UI/UX design service for solving intricate problems.

  • Worked with scrum team to conduct agile design for digital finance product

  • Worked as UX research team member to dig in authentic insights

  • Operated eye-tracking device and other product validation methods for design testing

  • Contributed design teamwork from concept ideation to final realization of design

Design Intern, Design Sojourn

August 2015  |  Singapore

A strategic design and innovation consultancy based in Singapore.

  • Revamped design thinking tools for DT workshops

Design Intern, Innovation Open House (IOH)

September 2014 - July 2015  |  Taipei, Taiwan

A social enterprise and educational online platform that creates open resources by producing theme-specific talk.

  • Assisted workshops, guided speakers to create and film their own talk with systematic approach

  • Designed visual content for social media

Professional Skills

Interview, Usability Test,

Need Assessment,

Storyboard Testing,

Customer Journey Map, Persona, Affinity Wall, Eye-tracking Operation



Concept Ideation, Wireframe, User flow, Information Architecture, Prototyping


Branding Strategy,

Visual Design, GUI Design

iOS Development

Swift, Design Pattern,

Autolayout, GCD,

Memory Management, Persistent Storage,

Version Control


  • iOS Development: Swift, Xcode

  • Version Control: Git & GitHub

  • UI Crafting: Sketch, Zeplin

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects

  • Prototype & Presentation: Keynote, Marvel

  • Language Proficiency: English (TOEIC 860), Japanese (Basic), French (Basic)


B.A. Industrial Design, Shih Chien University

2012-2018  |  Taipei, Taiwan

Things done for design when young and wild...

- Handmaded a balloon armchair

(without sleep)

- Handmaded a wooden classroom

(without electricity)

- Participated in International Workshops all around the world

see my early works  here → 

International Design Workshop

  • SCID / Design Semantics Workshop: “The Power of Appeal: methods for the enhancement of products and systems” tutored by Prof. Reinhart Butter, Ohio State Universtity / Taiwan 2015

  • College of Design, SCU / Cross-disciplinary Design Workshop: “Creating Synergies: Design + Business” tutored by Prof. Biran Ling, founder of Design Sojourn, Singapore / Taiwan 2015

  • Domaine de Boisbuchet / Product Design Workshop: “Improvised Cooperation” tutored by Anton Alvarez / France 2014

  • Department of Architecture Design, SCU / Architecture Volunteer in Cambodia cooperated with ELIV International Service / Cambodia 2014 

  • SCID / Somaesthetica tutored by Timothy Ryan from RMIT, Australia / Taiwan 2014

  • College of Design, SCU / Cross-disciplinary Design Workshop: "50 Ways to Challenge Encounter" cooperated with FHWS & KISD, Germany / Taiwan 2013

  • Hong Kong Innovation Center / "World Design Summer Camp: Social Innovation, Fashion and Culture" cooperated with HKDI & PolyU / Hong Kong 2013



SCID Representing Speaker, Innovation Open House (IOH)


Design Seed Scholarship, Xue Xue Institute


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